Wednesday, December 12, 2012

   "Alternative" energy source.
     The meaning of the experiment is as follows.
     It is known that the conductivity of aluminum at
      liquid nitrogen is 10 times greater than at room temperature.
     Therefore produce a device similar to a transformer,
     consisting of two identical windings. Aluminum wire.
     By placing the transformer in this volume of chilled
     liquid nitrogen, then expect the secondary
     winding current is significantly greater than in the primary,
     at the same load.
     The resulting device is a power amplifier.
     If the cost of servicing the amplifier will
     less than the income from the difference between consumption
     and a power outlet, the unit will be profitable.
      The expression Us = (Ns / Nf) Uf is true for the windings of the transformer,
     in this expression
     factors must be present, taking into account the properties of materials.

To determine these coefficients can only be experimentally.

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